Southampton University GeogSoc

Work Hard | Play Harder

President - Georgia Eves

Hi everyone! I’m Georgia, your President for this year. I’m studying Geography BSc and really wanted to get involved with GeogSoc because I have made some of my closest friends through the society, thanks to the great socials, balls and other nights out. Geographers work hard and definitely play harder- we are one of the biggest (and undeniably the best) societies at Southampton with so much to offer. From the Christmas and Summer balls to the somewhat less refined nights out in Portswood, GeogSoc caters for everyone, especially Freshers. You have a brilliant (and slightly crazy) committee working for you this year, and I would love all of you to join so you can have as much fun first year as I did! See you all soon xxx

Vice President - Chloë Britt

Hi Freshers!! Welcome to the Geography Society at Southampton (the best society here!). I’m Chloë and I’m your Vice-President for GeogSoc, so I’m responsible for holding a book sale at the start of term for you to buy any second hand books that you might need. I found Geography socials to be some of the best nights that I had in my first year, and have made some amazing friends from them. So it’s best to get involved as you can within GeogSoc, by joining the sports teams and going on socials. Looking forward to getting to know you all on our fresher pub crawl! GeogSoc love, Chloë xx

Treasurer - Andy Ghiacy

Hey everyone! Firstly, I’d just like to congratulate you on making it to Southampton. It’s a really fantastic place, and you’re set to be part of the best, and one of the largest societies here at the Uni! I’m Andy Ghiacy, your GeogSoc Treasurer. I’m studying BA Geography and have the awesome task of looking after our money, balancing the books and making sure we get the most out of the society’s funds for this year. After a year of amazing socials and events, I found joining GeogSoc the best way to meet like-minded people on the course who share similar unhealthy obsessions for rivers, urbanisation and drinking…I look forward to meeting you all! Come say hi! GeogSoc love, Andy x

Secretary - Gemma Hardy

Hi everyone, I’m the secretary for GeogSoc and will be creating your membership cards for when you join. Over the summer please email me ( a passport-like photo of yourselves, your full names and your Southampton ID number (should be 8 digits long). As soon as the cards are ready (hopefully in the first 2 weeks) I’ll let you all know by the GeogSoc Facebook group and organise a pick-up-point. As secretary, I’ll be the one organising all the members and helping out with all geography-related events through the year, so I hope I get a chance to meet you all! I’m also here to help you guys out with any questions or worries, but I’m positive you’re going to have a fantastic time at Southampton with GeogSoc!

Social Sec - James Thorpe

Hi there!!! I’m James / Thorpey and I am a second year BSC Geography student and also one of the infamous GeogSoc Social Secs! My job is to make sure you all have the best nights out in Southampton with fellow Geography members but also to make sure no one is left out from the fun!! In my first year I took full advantage of what GeogSoc had to offer which made my first year and I cannot stress how much you will enjoy coming on our socials and fund raisers! You will get to experience the Christmas Ball and the Summer Boat Ball along with a social/fund raiser every month (usually in ludicrous fancy dress). If you ever need someone to talk to about going out in Southampton or want someone to go party with, just contact me and I will help you out with any questions you have!! Look forward to seeing you all next year and hitting up Southampton!! GeogSoc Love xx

Social Sec - Tatiana Sieff

Heellooo!! I’m Tat, a BA student, and I’ll be one of your social secs for the upcoming year! My first year at Southampton has been absolutely fab, and I owe a lot of that to GeogSoc and the friends I’ve made through the society. We aim to put on one social every month, alongside sport socials, and of course the infamous Christmas and Summer balls. I can promise you now that GeogSoc will work extremely hard to bring you nothing but a good time! Looking forward to partying with you all in September.. xo 

Publicity - Emma Meheux

Hi Guys, I’m Emma, your publicity sec for the next year. It’s my job to let you know what’s going on with GeogSoc in terms of events, socials, book sales and more!

I’ve enjoyed my first year as a BSc geographer, being a part of GeogSoc made me feel welcome and helped me integrate into uni life. There is never a dull moment being a fresher, apart from deadlines and exams, but GeogSoc are here to help make your social life a bigger, better and brighter one! Freshers is meant to be one of the best years of your life, GeogSoc are here to ensure that it is!

This year we’re introducing the GeogSoc Tumblr feed (, which is yet another way of getting in touch with the committee and finding out what’s going on!

Be sure to check out the facebook group – GeogSoc, Twitter feed - @SotonGeogSoc for all the info from GeogSoc!

Look forward to seeing you all in September!

Em xx

Sports Sec - Steffan Hopkins
Hello! I'm Steff and I am your Sports Secretary this year. I'm a second year BA Geographer and I will be in charge of organising all the sports teams and working with James, Tat and Emma to make sure we have some very messy sports socials and tours. GeogSoc offers a variety of sports to get involved in, gviing you the opportunity to play competitively in intramural leagues and meeting loads of other people in the process. I will be making sure that all teams are structured and organised in a way that gives you the potential to make the most of GeogSoc. It is most definitely worth signing up for!
Tour Sec - Emma Howes

Hey Freshers! My name is Em, I do BA geography (big up human geographers!). I am your tour sec - let's be true to our subject and go travelling! By brainstorming ideas with Steff (your sports sec) and Tat and James (your social secs), tour(s) should be legendary with sports, games (drinking etc) and more! Let's get ready to have some fun! Before starting first year I will admit I was slightly anxious about meeting new people, but let me assure you 'getting involved' at Southampton Uni could not be made easier with the wide range of clubs and societies... especially geogsoc!Cannot wait to meet you all The best advice I can give is to 'Get Involved Fresher!'. Easily the best year of my life so far. LOVE GEOGSOC! 

Welfare Officer - Jamie Hemingway

Hi, I’m Jamie a third year BA Geographer. Geogsoc has helped me to have so much fun here at Southampton. It’s such a great society! I know this because I was President last year and can’t wait to be on committee again next year! My position is to listen to all of the members and hear exactly what you want Geogsoc to be like. So please don’t hesitate to come and find me or drop me a line. I’m here to listen to any concerns you may have, whether it is to do with your course, university life or home life. Geogsoc really is about having fun, so put those colouring pencils down and don’t forget to join!

Population Geography Rep - Emily Robinson

I love Population and Geography because of its small size, you get to know everyone on your course and your lecturers get to know you one on one. But at the same time you can be a part of the larger Geogsoc. Everyone should definitely join Geogsoc as you can meet so many people on amazing nights out and Christmas and Summer balls. I will be making sure everyone in Popgeog can have their say in what happens in Geogsoc to keep everyone involved in this amazing society